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It is a high pressure scenario when a company loses its data for any reason (natural disaster, accidentally or due to cyber-attack), to find this data is a critical process, which can help an organization to survive and recover.

Each company has to have a recovery plan, which should allow the organization to focus and priorities its risks and assets, the same plan should include the data protection measures. Our team shall assist you to build the recovery plan, a document which enumerates the tools and procedures to help your organization in reducing the overall downtime and the best way to recover the normal operations.

This is not a simple document, it has to be written after careful research to understand the need of your organization and risks it faces. The plan should be tested for its effectiveness and should be updated regularly.

The recovery plan should start with mapping out your assets, identifying criticality and context, risk assessment, defining the recovery objectives leading to the selection of disaster recovery setups and tooling while keeping in mind the allocated budget.

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