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What is a Cloud Desktop? We must first answer the question of what is cloud computing. There are many definitions of cloud computing. What everyone widely recognizes is the definition of cloud computing on Wikipedia, that is: Cloud computing is a new way of resource utilization on the Internet, which can provide on-demand computing for mass users relying on heterogeneous and autonomous services on the Internet. The resources of cloud computing are dynamic, easy to expand and virtualized, and provided through the Internet. Cloud Desktop is a cloud that meets the above definition of cloud computing.


Using traditional desktops, management and maintenance costs account for a large part of its entire life cycle. Management costs include operating system costs, hardware costs, data recovery and backup cost, and applications installation cost, etc. In traditional desktop applications, these tasks basically need to be done once on each desktop, and the workload is very big. For those industries that require frequent replacement and update of desktops, the workload is even greater.


In the Cloud Desktop solution, management is centralized. IT engineers manage hundreds of virtual desktops through the control center. It Off sets the cost for the end users and makes it more economical for all types of organizations.

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